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Our Packaging

As farmers there is a lot of focus on being environmentally responsible, and quite right too, so we have spent a long time researching and testing our packaging to ensure its fit for use and reflects our business and our commitment to the environment.

To that end we have chosen to partner with a packaging company that utilises recycled and biodegradable materials. The centerpiece being thermal insulating fleece linings for the boxes that are produced from 100% wool so no nasty polystyrene packaging.

So the obvious first question on most peoples minds on hearing this is.....

Is the wool hygienic?

The simple answer is yes otherwise we would not use it. The wool is washed and scoured in the UK to ISO 9001 & 14001 Standards. All wool sourced is heat treated and no harsh cleaning chemicals are used. The wool goes through a series of hot baths where it is washed and scoured using only hot water and a mild detergent. It then goes through industrial dryers.  The wool is tested to check that it is free from toxins and contamination ensuring its safe for use. The wool is then wrapped in food grade recyclable polyethylene to contain the loosely felted fibres and prevent direct contact with the products being insulated.

Does the wool smell?

The wool liners can sometimes retain their sheepy smell but this is completely normal. What you can smell is lanolin a naturally occurring wax like substance that is produced by the sheep as waterproofing to help shed water off their fleece. Lanolin is perfectly safe and is often found as an ingredient in skin care and cosmetic products for example lip balm. In order to completely remove the lanolin, and therefore the smell, the wool would need to be chemically processed which would make it no longer safely compostable.

Can I reuse the fleece Liner?

Yes please do, we highly encourage this. Our supplier has highlighed some examples of reuse below:

Pet's bedding - keep your rabbits, dogs, cats nice and cozy!


Padding for plants

Lay to stop weed growth

Soft toys

Birdhouse bedding

Many uses in the greenhouse

Needle felting

Liners for storage boxes instead of bubble wrap -  especially when moving house, keeping your precious items nicely protected

Be creative - make your own pet toys!

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